Plugging In For A Vibrant, Electric Americana Rock N’ Roll Sound 

Long Beach, CA May 15, 2023— “Real drums and bass,” is how Mike Jacoby describes The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio and their new album, The Long Haul.  His last solo album, 2019s Long Beach Calling was the third in a series of albums featuring Jacoby on all of the instruments. “It was a relief to be able to use the band on The Long Haul,” he confessed. “We’ve played together since 2019 and have a real connection.  It was great to get their magic and they both shine.” 

The trio is Mike Jacoby on guitars, vocals (and on the song, “She’s Funny That Way”-piano), Don Read on bass and Mike Levin on drums. The Long Haul also features Lisa Jackert on violin and Art Bailey Jr. on piano for three of the tunes. The album is self-produced and was also recorded and mixed by Jacoby.  It was mastered by Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer, Gavin Lurssen at his studio in Burbank, CA. 

Along with the three solo albums under his belt (The Big 5-0, NorthEastSouthWest, Long Beach Calling), Jacoby, was a founding member of the alt-country band, Haymaker and recorded three albums with that band-Music From Ed’s House (2005), Beyond the Break (2010), and Now, Now, Now (2013). 

Songs that would become The Long Haul began to evolve in the practice studio—the band’s sound brought out the power and vibrancy of each tune, forging a sonic path for the tracks to become what they were always meant to be. The pandemic complicated things, so for the recording Jacoby would send mp3s to the band they would record in their own space and send it back to him. Jacoby has an idea of how he wants the songs to sound before he records, but the songs were not all written before they were recorded. “I’m trying to come up with a collection that works together,” he said.  “As the recording process continues, there will be songs that NEED to be written because they NEED to go on the album. I’m constantly throwing songs on and off the album in the effort to find the right combination.” 

Jacoby is known for his ability to switch from serious heartbreak songs to funny, goofy songs seamlessly.  The Long Haul takes the listener on a journey through diverse subject matter: toxic family relationships, fractured love affairs, songs filled with insight and optimism, a visit with a death row inmate, and a shout out to Bend, Oregon.  “It’s quite a collection,” laughs Jacoby.

The album found its title after the band took the cover photo and a friend remarked on the “long hall” in the photo.“Remarkably, I had been working on a song called 'The Long Haul” and that fit perfectly,” noted Jacoby. “Serendipity? You decide!” 

The album opener, “Right Off The Bat” sets the tone for the record—an upbeat funny song about the perils of online dating.  Following is "Everybody I Know," a wonderful, rocking ode to friendship. “Maybe Just Maybe” was originally on a Haymaker CD, Beyond the Break. “I was never happy with the arrangement,” said Jacoby. “So I redid it as an acoustic/violin up-tempo number.” The title track is also a standout, compelling and exciting and the last song written for the CD and the last song on the CD.  “The song is about life’s journey and the things you pick up (or should be picking up) along the way,” he explains.  “It ends with a nice long fade…as life sometimes does.” 

For Mike Jacoby, the song always comes first.  With a love of music born in classic rock ’n’ roll, his writing is firmly rooted in the Americana and alt-country veins.  He always brings a fresh and unique perspective into the heart of each song’s story, which range from insightful to silly, from harrowing to hilarious.  The Long Haul will make you reflect inward, and make you laugh—often at the same time.  


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