Welcome, Megan Wilde!

The Artist’s First Release is Filled with Soulful Vocal Delivery
(Street Date May 12, 2015)
Seattle, WA March 2015—The Seattle Music Insider declared Megan Wilde a “soul powerhouse” while the Stranger described her sound as “robust and bodacious”. Listening to Wildfire, Wilde’s first release, it would be hard to disagree with these critics. 
Hailing originally from Chicago, Wilde studied classical music at the prestigious Interlochen Academy of Fine Arts.   During this period, she was seduced by the powerful and brazen voices of R & B and blues singers.  Citing Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Etta James as just a few of her idols, Wilde dipped her toes into the Chicago blues scene where she quickly earned the nickname, “Baby Blues”.
Traveling around the country and soaking up music, Wilde eventually found herself settling in Seattle.  When recording Wildfire at one of Seattle’s top studios, London Bridge, the artist brought in Grammy nominated Howie Weinberg for the mastering of the record. Producing, composing and arranging the material on the record (with the exception of “Spoonful”), Wilde also takes the helm on Wurlitzer, piano, and of course, the powerhouse vocals.  Wildfire combines elements of indie-rock, funk, soul and R & B.
Describing the title song, “Wildfire” as a scorching modern blues rock song Wilde declares it is  “Guaranteed to get your feet moving and fingers snapping.” “Runaway Romeo” is a tale of two young lovers on the run from the law. It boasts Black Keys-styled guitar and Raylettes inspired harmonies.  "Spoonful” is a classic dirty blues song written by the infamous Willie Dixon about the temptations of wanting a little bit more. In Wilde’s hands it is twisted and re-invented as a gritty, heart pumping, earth shaking dance song.  “Make You Mine” is a cheerful up-tempo soul/blues/pop song that features organist, Roger Wood (The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder).  It’s a modern take on soul music filled with pop melodies, fresh lyrics and joyful soul.
“It’s been a busy and creative year,” states Wilde.  “A lot of time was spent on the production of this EP and the upcoming album. “  The dynamic and enthusiastic Wilde also conducted a choir in the studio, worked with a choreographer for her videos and wrote the screenplays.    And if that weren’t enough, Wilde and her band managed to sell out their first show in their hometown.
Wildfire is an album that will sonically hook you from the beginning.  Real. Raw. Gritty. Soulful.  “No auto-tune was used in the making of this album,” Wilde stresses,  “It’s music with real instrumentation”.  “I like pop quality music” she continues, “but I think its time has come to an end for now.  It seems as if people are turning towards original songwriting with actual instruments and I’m excited to be a part of it.”