Veteran Rock Critic Greil Marcus Reviews Rich Krueger in Rolling Stone


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"I can’t remember the last time I said yes to a song out loud in its first three seconds." 

-- Greil Marcus on Rich Krueger song "Kenny's (It's Always Christmas in this Bar)" 

The song is about The Gallery Cabaret in Chicago which is Rich Krueger’s favorite bar and a place where “everybody knows his name”. The title is a nod to the owner, his friend, Kenny Strandberg and the song features Casey McDonough from NRBQ on piano and Chicago legend, Andon Davis on guitar. The video was shot by acclaimed photographer Jim Newberry ( an esteemed Chicago Reader Alumn) and directed and edited by award winning Chicago filmmaker Joe Winston (“What’s The Matter With Kansas?”) The song, "Kenny's" was one of the two songs that were chosen as the winning songs in the Kerrville competition for 2018.