REBELLE ROAD BRINGS the GOLDEN STATE to NASHVILLE for AMERICANAFEST® Announces Two West Coast Country-Themed Events



Announces Two West Coast Country-Themed Events 


The Third Annual California Country Social - 9/13 - 

Co-hosted by The Grand Ole Echo and The Alternate Root Magazine and 

Presented by JTMMusic, Spaceland Presents and Fond Object Records/East Nashville 


A Panel on California’s Country History & the Legacy of the Palomino Club - 9/14 

with Jim Lauderdale, Rosie Flores, James Intveld and John Jorgenson 

Los Angeles, CA (September 4, 2018) --  Rebelle Road, the newly founded entertainment company dedicated to strengthening the California Country music community and expanding the role for women in the Americana/roots genre, announces two Golden State events during AMERICANAFEST® - an official showcase on 9/13 and a conference panel on 9/14. 

Together with Spaceland Presents/Grand Ole Echo and The Alternate Root, premier tastemakers for Roots/Americana music, Rebelle Road will co-host the third annual CALIFORNIA COUNTRY SOCIAL on Thursday, September 13 from noon - 8:00 p.m at Fond Object Records in East Nashville. The event brings together artists from California and other states to shine a light on the contributions of West Coast music and musicians.   

“We’re thrilled to join Rebelle Road and The Alternate Root in focusing people’s attention on California and the many opportunities for artists here,” said Liz Garo, VP, Talent/Event Producer for Spaceland Presents. 

The event will feature a house band of East Nashville musicians who will perform "California Gold" versions of California Country artists -- Anne McCue, Renee Wahl, Tawny Ellis, KP Hawthorn Eric Corne, Brian Ashley Jones Emily Rose Epstein  and Erin O'Dowd are all part of this segment. 

Artist performances during the day will include:   

Rosie Flores, Sam Morrow, Becky Warren, Boo Ray, Mary Bragg, Levi Parham, Alice Wallace, Sugaray Rayford, Sara Petite NOCONA, Amelia White, Jon Latham, Andrew Leahey, Don Gallardo, Amilia K Spicer Music , Adrian+Meredith, Jenny Van West, Ashleigh Flynn, Rich Mahan and more. 

As part of the day’s events, female-owned companies including Brenne Whisky, Scrap & Relic, and Sleeper's Gourmet are supporting the experience.  Brenne Whisky will host a special Whisky Tasting Workshop in the afternoon at 4:30pm. 

On Friday, September 14 at 2:00pm at the AmericanaFest® host hotel, Rebelle Road co-founder, Karen Rappaport McHugh, will moderate an all-star panel as part of the AMERICANAFEST® conference to reflect on California’s country music history and the legacy of the legendary Palomino Club which opened in 1949. 

The panel will feature award-winning artists Jim Lauderdale, Rosie Flores, John Jorgenson and James Intveld who will be joined by Scott Bomar, a California country music historian and the author of several books, including The Bakersfield Sound: Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and California Country. 

Billboard Magazine recently broke the story about The Palomino Rides Again, the one-night return of the club in its original location as part of a fundraiser for the Valley Relics Museum on Monday, October 8.  Jim Lauderdale, Rosie Flores, James Intveld and others will headline, along with the original Palomino Riders house band, and special guests.  More artists will be announced in the coming days. 

Rebelle Road is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company founded by industry executive Karen Rappaport McHugh, along with Americana artists KP Hawthorn and Adrienne Isom.  The trio is developing a concert series, record label, podcast, boutique festival and Film/TV properties with a focus on California’s country music. 


              Nicole Gordon 

12:40 pm 

Mary Bragg 

1:00 pm 


1:25 pm 

Amilia Spicer 

1:50 pm 

Jenny Van West 

2:15 pm 

Ashleigh Flynn 

2:40 pm 

Alice Wallace 

3:00 pm 

Sugar Ray Rayford 

3:30 pm 

Sam Morrow   

4:00 pm 

Amelia White   

4:30 pm 

Sara Petite   

4:55 pm 

Adrian + Meredith   

5:20 pm 



Rosie Flores 

6:00 pm 

Andrew Leahey 

6:30 pm 

Jon Latham 

7:00 pm 

Levi Parham 

7:30 pm 

            Don Gallardo 

                  7:55 pm 

Boo Ray 

8:20 pm 

Becky Warren 

 8:55 pm